76 minutes | Aug 21, 2020

Indigenous Artist To Artist, Part 3: Who Decides?

Join Matika and Adrienne In conversation with Jami Powell (Osage), Jaclyn Roessel (Diné) and Kristin Dorsey (Chickasaw), for the third and final episode of Indigenous Artist to Artist, Part 3: Who Decides? as we discuss the importance of indigenous people presenting, curating, and exhibiting themselves.As always, thank you to Ciara Sana for her amazing episode art, and Teo Elisio, for doing all the things. Thank you Max Levin for the music!!! Special thanks to Kristin Bolan and Will Paisley for supporting All My Relations. Support our Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/allmyrelationspodcastSupport the show (https://www.paypal.me/amrpodcast)Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/amrpodcast)
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