43 minutes | Dec 29th 2020

(EP104) How To Succeed In Music Without Selling Your Soul | Amy Gerhartz

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  • How to Use Music as a Tool
  • How to define what success means to you
  • Tips for getting through the Pandemic
  • The Journey of being an Artist
  • Blessings in Disguise


We Meet: Singer-songwriter, speaker, and mindset coach


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About Guest: I've been self-employed in music for over 13 years, putting out 6 albums, multiple cross-country independent tours, lending my voice to commercial projects, sharing the stage with national acts, and being nominated for awards. Although I was able to build a successful career in music, behind the scenes I lacked a lot of confidence in myself.


One day I hit a mental and emotional wall, and had to go through an incredible journey of self-love and discovery to figure out who I really was, and to create a healthy relationship with myself. In addition to music, I now coach other entertainment professionals on their mindset, helping them to discover their true voices amidst the chaos of an ever-changing industry.

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