3 minutes | Feb 28th 2021

Tricks to play better soccer

There are no excuses
If you really want to improve your game, there should never be an excuse
. As a player, the main thing that allowed me to reach the elite was the fact that I took personal responsibility for my development. And I still do. You should take pride in getting better every day. If you have a team workout, arrive 10 minutes early or stay 10 minutes after to do something a little more. If you have the day off, find time and space to work on the ball, or on another aspect of the game that you want to improve. Even if you are physically injured or resting, you can watch soccer during that time or work on other mental skills. I have trained in parking lots, in my living room, in hotel basements. If you want to do it, you can find a way.

Beware of injury to the muscles of football players !

Make it fun
It is very difficult to force yourself to do something miserable in the long run
. To develop a consistent training regimen, I recommend finding ways to train that are enjoyable for you. I often take my iPod shuffle to the field or to the racquetball court. I develop routines to follow, so that my training does not require too much mental energy. I often find that sticking to a routine is almost meditative. Some parts of training, like grueling training, will never be super fun. But if you can rethink how you see your training and see it as the platform that will allow you to express yourself on the field to the best of your ability, that process will be enjoyable.

The resources are out there

If you have the motivation to train , there is always tons of help in finding the best ways to achieve what you want. Between YouTube, training applications, social media and experts in your area, if you search you will find many ideas. I recommend that you follow some sources on social media that post training content that you like. Whether it's motivation, tutorials on how to perform certain skills, or actual training sessions you need, there's no excuse not to do the little research necessary to find it.

Find a training partner

Training is always easier when you have company . Whether it's a teammate with the same ambition as you, a brother helping you shoot balls or timing you, or a parent hanging out on the field on a nice day, training is always better with an accomplice. . It's great to find that person you can count on and who will hold you accountable, but don't trust anyone other than yourself when the time comes to do so.

Be creative!
Part of navigating your own path as a gamer is finding creative solutions to do so
. A coach once told me: "If you do the same as everyone else, you will be the same as everyone else." It seems obvious, but it is very true. Your unique ways of exercising, or the special places you find to train are what make you special. Take what you've seen out there and make your own versions, develop your own style, and run with it!.               

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