51 minutes | Oct 28th 2020

50 | Passion, Purpose, & Pivots with Ashlee Angelus

My guest today is bringing the heat! Get fired up by this force of a woman's story.

Ashlee is a swiss-army knife of skills. She has gone from cosmetologist to entrepreneur. On her journey she’s collected numerous college degrees, certifications & experiences. Ashlee ignored the “entrepreneurial itch” for a long time.

She kicked the title of Ashlee Angelus, MSA, CPLC & Certified Behaviorist and embraced her passion. Helping others thrive.

Ashlee left her comfortable 9-5 pension job after losing her first child and a traumatic birth experience. Leading her to becoming a NICU mother battling severe postpartum depression and anxiety. Ashlee found beauty in the breakdown, straightened her crown and went ALL IN to entrepreneurship on maternity leave.

Ashlee helps creative passion driven women zone in on their genius and package their programs and ideas into irresistible offers.. She is your go-to woman to fill the gap between your multi-passionate personality and packaging your ideas into purpose. Helping you dig deep into the self-development & business foundations you need! She will help you bring your ideas into action. She will help you create your vision and high-quality offers & programs w/ built-in behavioral patterns that trigger transformation!

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