56 minutes | Nov 27th 2019

Converting High End Properties to Short Term Rentals w/ Ray and Vanessa Vargas

In this episode, I had the special honor of speaking with the newly-wed couple, Ray and Vanessa Vargas. They decided to convert the mother and daughter live in space of their house into an Airbnb, and within 45 minutes of going live, they got their first booking! And it has been rented every single weekend for the last 3 and a half years.

Ray and Vanessa realized that there's a huge business opportunity with Airbnb and thought what it would be like to manage other people’s properties.

In 2018, they took the leap and founded Home Sweet Hudson. Being the first in the market to provide property management services, it gave them a huge head start in building a portfolio of properties. Now, they are managing 25 properties, and continuing to grow and scale their Airbnb business.

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