27 minutes | Aug 12, 2019

Truth from the Trenches: Okta CIO Mark Settle on the Future of Work & IT, What it Takes to be an Effective Leader in IT, and His Thoughts on Automation & AI

Mark Settle, seven-time Chief Information Officer (CIO) and current CIO of Okta digs into how the modern workplace has evolved with the proliferation of collaboration work tools such as Slack, Zoom, etc. and the technology considerations CIOs and business leaders need to address in preparation for future workplace changes. Mark shares his thoughts on automation, it's role within a company, and where it’s headed. Mark also highlights the various dimensions of the CIO role and what it takes to succeed.

Challenges for CIO's and IT Leaders Addressed in this Podcast:
1. How do you manage a variety of generational groups within an IT organization?
2. How are millennials driving change in the workplace? How do you prepare for future changes?
3. What role will automation play moving forward?
4. What does it take to be a successful leader in IT?

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