8 minutes | Jan 11, 2018

Ep 9: Changing the Game (Pt 1): Investment Fundamentals

This is the first episode in our mini series, Changing the Game, where KMT director Lachlan Kennett provides short and sharp business and wealth tips and insights, drawing on issues raised by our guests throughout our show. In this episode, Lachlan talks about investment fundamentals. Listen now. This podcast is brought to you by KMT Partners. KMT is a leading accounting and wealth management advisory firm in South Australia, assisting you to emerge, renew, grow and build resilience in business, themes which are central to this podcast series. For more information visit http://KMTpartners.com.au Subscribe to our mailing list: https://kmtpartners.com.au/kmt-partners-podcast-sessions-join-our-mailing-list/ KMT on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KMTpartner/ KMT on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kmt-partners This podcast is hosted and produced by Andrew Montesi from Apiro Media http://apiropodcasts.com
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