28 minutes | Dec 20th 2017

Ep 8: Entrepreneur Education (Part 3): Best Practice for business owners

In the third and final part of our entrepreneur education focus, we talk to John Peterson and Michael Parsons from Best Practice, a company that provides Fortune 500 level business education, coaching and mentoring programs tailored to small and medium sized businesses. Best Practice founder John Peterson is a self-made serial entrepreneur who has been studying and teaching the craft of business for over 20 years. He has founded numerous companies, working across Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, and consulted to many industries including accounting, advertising, IT, HR, legal and mining. Michael is a management consultant who has spent over 25 years helping Australasian businesses grow, focussing on people, process and performance. John and Michael discuss the biggest issues facing small business owners, succession planning, capital and cash flow, and the challenge of gaining further education while running a business. For more information about Best Practice, visit http://bestpracticeprogram.com.au This podcast is brought to you by KMT Partners. KMT is a leading accounting and wealth management advisory firm in South Australia, assisting you to emerge, renew, grow and build resilience in business, themes which are central to this podcast series. For more information visit http://KMTpartners.com.au Subscribe to our mailing list: https://kmtpartners.com.au/kmt-partners-podcast-sessions-join-our-mailing-list/ KMT on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KMTpartner/ KMT on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/kmt-partners This podcast is hosted and produced by Andrew Montesi from Apiro Media http://apiropodcasts.com
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