40 minutes | Jan 18th 2021

Ep 098 The Dallys, Pt. 1: It Takes a Village – or Maybe Just Joy and Martin

Every meet people who are just plain easy to be with, the minute you meet them?  That’s Martin and Joy Dally of Shepherd’s Lane farm and Super Sire Ltd.  We have decided to park Bessie on their front lawn to commune with the sheep at least twice a year, if we can get away with it.  Okay, so maybe that’s too much to subject them to, especially when they were such wonderful hosts.  But it was idyllic to be on their Oregon farm in the fall, with Teeswaters, Gotlands and Valais Blacknose sheep dotting the pastures all around.  Toss in chickens, peacocks, herding and livestock dogs, fields of green grass and a wool room to die for, and we hope we can push for maybe once a year, if we’re nice about it.Today is Part 1 of 2 of our podcast with the Dally’s.  These two overachievers have a full and busy life running the farm, going to trade shows, traveling across the country and overseas to find new stock, producing wool, and periodically running a Laparoscopic A.I. Sheepalooza (our new favorite phrase).  They have the teamwork down pat, though, and that really makes the difference.  We’re really looking forward to seeing their new venture -- the Panda Muppets (okay, they call them Valais Blacknose) --  next month when lambing season starts.  Until then, our trip to Shepherd’s Lane was so delightful, we brought home some sheep to remember the delightful experience.  Okay, maybe not all of the sheep.  But our living room chairs have never looked so lovely. Links:https://www.shepherdslane.com/thedallys https://www.etsy.com/shop/shepherdslane http://www.toprams.com/Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/agriCulturePodcast)
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