22 minutes | Nov 9th 2020

Ep 088 Julie Atwood and The HALTER Project: Which Disaster Movie are We Watching, Anyway?!?

2020 has been a year filled with catastrophic disasters of all types, and the only thing unclear is which movie we’re reenacting at the current moment.  Backdraft meets Twister meets 2012, with a dash of the Day after Tomorrow and a near miss by Armageddon.  If those weren’t crazy enough, there were a few reports of brushes from Orca and Jaws tossed in for variety, with slices of Yul Brenner and Chuck Heston in The Ten Commandments (Locusts and plagues, no less).  I could point you to news stories showing all of those things this year.  

 Both the man-made and natural disasters we’re now facing are something we feel helpless against, at least at the scale we’re facing now, so how does one combat all of that?  The answer might be to combat the things you can, and survive the ones you can’t.  It’s one in the “win” column if you get off Isla Nublar alive, whether or not the T-Rex is still standing when you leave.

 So how does one survive?  Preparation is the best weapon we have.  And for those of us who also have non-human living things to protect, the difficulty level goes way, way up when responding to an emergency (ever tried to catch a panicked chicken?).  Chaos theory gone wild.  Today, we have just the person to tell us about how to go about it.  We’re bringing you our conversation with Julie Atwood of The Halter Project, who started by training first responders in safe animal emergency response, but broadened the scope, now offering education and resources for the rest of us.  

 We have a visuals up on our Backyard Green YouTube channel, if you would like to see.  Training EMT’s to save a plastic horse (in preparation for the real thing) has to be seen to get the full impact of the scope of the task.  We’ll let you insert your own mental C.G. disaster of choice in the background on that one.


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