95 minutes | Feb 17th 2020

Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #620: Hiatus 19-Spider-Man Homecoming

"Spider Man: Homecoming" finally gives us a chance to see the MCU version of our web-slinging hero in his very own movie. The young Peter Parker is trying to be a good hero to impress Tony Stark, but going up against the villainous Vulture may be a little too much for him. The Vulture, aka Adrian Toomes, secretly acquires and uses illegal alien tech for his own profit. He also gets away from Spider Man at each encounter. Peter's life is turned upside down by his new role as hero and he'll have to learn what it truly means before earning the suit. Plus, he needs to find a date to Homecoming. Jay and Josh show their expertise in the MCU, mostly because they didn't qualify for the academic decathlon team on a hiatus special of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
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