76 minutes | Jan 20th 2020

Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #619: Hiatus 18-Doctor Strange

"Doctor Strange" may be arrogant, but he's one of the most brilliant surgeons in the world. That is, until he has a horrific accident that causes him to lose his ability to perform medical miracles. Now he travels the world and seeks a miracle that would give him his life back. This leads him to Kamar-Taj and the Ancient One. She teaches him in the ways of the mystic arts and helps him to understand that he can save lives for less selfish reasons. But while he learns, a rogue sorcerer grows more powerful. He is named Kaecilius, and has stolen a page from an ancient text, in hopes of summoning a powerful dark force from the dark dimension in his obsessive quest for eternal life. Strange must learn quickly if there is any hope of stopping Kaecilius before it's too late. Jay and Josh have come to bargain with Dormammu on a hiatus special of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
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