78 minutes | Sep 16th 2019

Agents of SHIELD: Case Files #615: Hiatus 14-Iron Man 3/All Hail The King

In "Iron Man 3" we find Tony Stark having a difficult time dealing with his experiences in the Battle of New York. To cope with his insomnia, he builds dozens of Iron Man suits and tries to make his relationship with Pepper work. But while he struggles, a scientist named Aldrich Killian, who Tony once rejected has developed a regenerative treatment for the disabled called Extremis. He's also become a power-hungry, sadistic, madman who uses former soldiers that were treated with his formula to further his power. Unfortunately, they can also lose control and explode. Killian then make it look like a deadly terrorist attack by presenting to the world an intimidating leader named The Mandarin. When Happy Hogan is badly injured in one of the attacks, Tony vows to stop the Mandarin. With his house destroyed, Pepper kidnapped, and one non-functioning Iron Man suit that he crashed in Tennessee, he has to get help from a ten-year old boy to get back on his feet. Tony will have to team up with Rhodey to save Pepper and the President, plus stop Aldrich from blowing everything up and gaining control. And we learn the fate of Trevor Slattery in the Marvel One Shot, "All Hail the King". PLUS discussion on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings! Jay and Josh try to keep cool so they don't melt their microphones on a hiatus special of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Case Files.
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