133 minutes | Mar 28, 2021

Episode 91 Dan Vineberg's Journey of Self-Discovery: YouTube, Writing, and The New Travel

The Agents of Innovation podcast features conversations with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and artists, hosted by Francisco Gonzalez. Episode 91 features an interview with Dan Vineberg, founder of "The New Travel," a YouTube travel channel with over 149,000 subscribers. Dan talks to us about his lifelong passion for travel, how he grew his YouTube channel into a business, and how the COVID19 pandemic led him to rediscover his passion for writing while staying true to his core mission that travel can bring us all closer together. You can find out more about him at: https://www.danvineberg.com. Episode 91 also features the song "Guess You're Going" by The Currys, who were previously featured on episode 21 of The Agent of Innovation podcast. Find their music at: thecurrysmusic.com
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