11 minutes | Apr 6th 2021

Why College Grads Are Choosing to Become Insurance Agents

  Graduating college soon? Looking for a career change? Becoming an independent insurance agent can give you the flexibility and financial stability you're looking for!   Read the text version.   Register with Ritter Insurance Marketing!   Mentioned in this episode:   2020 Census Will Help Policymakers Prepare for the Incoming Wave of Aging Boomers 3 Advantages of Being an Independent Insurance Agent A Dozen Facts About Medicare Advantage in 2020 Biggest Industries by Revenue in the US in 2021 Contact the Team at Ritter Insurance Marketing Get the Details on the Ritter Platform How Original Medicare Works National Insurance Producer Registry Occupational Outlook Handbook – Insurance Sales Agent Ready to Join an FMO? 10 Things to Consider Selling Medicare Products – Why It’s Definitely Worth Your While Your Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started in Insurance Sales What is Medicareful? Learn more about this tool for insurance agents! Why Now is the Time to Start Selling Insurance   Ritter Insurance Marketing eBooks & Guides:   Agent Survival Kits: Beginners or Experts A Quick Guide to Cross-Selling Ancillary Insurance with Medicare Products Developing an Agency – Your Guide to Getting Started How to Host a Successful Medicare Educational Event Modern Medicare Marketing for Today’s Agents Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agents The Complete Guide on How to Sell Final Expense Insurance The Complete Guide on How to Sell Medicare Advantage Plans The Complete Guide on How to Sell Medicare Supplements The Complete Guide to Client Loyalty and Retention Your Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started in Insurance Sales   More episodes you’ll like:   4 Reasons Why Ritter Should Be Your FMO Insurance Agency Looking for an FMO? Not sure what a field marketing organization like Ritter Insurance Marketing can do for your insurance business? Learn everything you need to know in this can’t-miss episode of the ASG Podcast! FMO vs. IMO vs. NMO vs. MGA vs. GA: What’s the Difference? We've got a lot of jargon to keep up with in the insurance industry. In this episode, we're going to unpack the acronyms for the types of individuals and organizations that exist in the industry to help you make your some of your business decisions a whole lot easier. Ready to Join an FMO? 10 Things to Consider Thinking about partnering with an FMO? Wondering how you can tell the good from the bad? Our top 10 list outlines what you need to know before you partner with a field marketing organization. What an FMO Can Do For Your Business Why work with an FMO? What is a Field Marketing Organization? If you've been on the fence about joining an FMO, this can't-miss episode is for you!   Articles to Share with Your Clients:   Cookbooks vs. Cooking Books: What's the Difference? If you're looking to improve your cooking, there are options you can try at home. Among these are cookbooks and cooking books. You may be surprised by the difference between the two. Ways Seniors Can Save on Groceries Looking for ways seniors can save on their groceries each month? With a little planning, skill, and flexibility, you can make a sizable dent in your grocery bill! What are the Parts of Medicare? Medicare can seem very intimidating, but understanding it is very important. Here we detail a quick breakdown of the major parts.   The latest from Ritter’s Blog:   Why Insurance Agents Fail (& How Not To!) There are many reasons why insurance agents may “fail” or not be as successful as they originally set out to be. Let’s discuss some of those obstacles, and how to overcome them! Ritter is More Than Medicare & Our New Team Brand Shows Why When selling Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement policies, it’s important to remember that More than Medicare products are the missing pieces of the puzzle. Medicare Advantage Trial Rights Explained for Agents If you have a client who enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan but wants to go (back) to Original Medicare, they may qualify for a Medicare Advantage trial right! This would allow them to update their coverage outside of the Annual Enrollment Period.   Subscribe & Follow:   Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Overcast Podbean Spotify Stitcher   Connect on social:   Facebook LinkedIn Twitter YouTube Instagram Sarah’s LinkedIn Sarah’s Instagram  
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