29 minutes | Jul 22, 2021

RHS 108 - Catching Up with Jason Cass - Part II

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by Jason Cass, Owner of Agency Intelligence and managing partner of the Insurance Alliance. This is the second half of the conversation with Jason Cass that started on the Agency Intelligence podcast early this week. In this episode, we break down the current state of digital insurance and where we see the largest opportunities for growth. Don't miss this episode...

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason and Ryan discuss carrier growth rates and contingencies. (5:10)
  • Ryan mentions what’s significant about AP Intego’s platform. (6:57)
  • Jason and Ryan share their opinions on when to utilize B2B platforms. (9:26)
  • Jason mentions why every agency has their own fingerprint. (10:27)
  • Jason explains how to build a balance sheet. (11:44)
  • Jason shares what David explained to him about how agents try to build P&Ls when you should be trying to build a balance sheet. (11:32)
  • Jason shares one of the things he realized from what David said to him. (12:12)
  • Ryan tells Jason about a conversation he had this week at Indium. (18:36)

Key Quotes:

  • “Every agency is actually its own fingerprint, right? Because we're all unique. So, you've got your team built-in on this.” - Jason Cass
  • “David really laid that out one time, when he was trying to explain to me about how agents try to build P&Ls, when really you should be trying to build a balance sheet. How you build that balance sheet is by creating revenue, but not with so many clients.” - Jason Cass
  • “I think when you say long term of who you can be, I think people don't realize it's those types of people who are going to stay with you and build that base that's going to help you project that. It's all because you tried to give them that one coverage.” - Jason Cass

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