28 minutes | Feb 3rd 2019

Managing Unspent Funds in Home Care Packages

What happens if a care recipient is assessed as needing a certain amount of care, and then chooses not to receive it?

Well, the outcome isn't great for either the care recipient themselves... or the organisation that is managing their care package... because they've allocated resources based on the care needs of these care recipients.

So how do you manage unspent funds?

To find out how to prevent care recipients from not using their care budget in case of a 'rainy day', today we have with us Lorraine Poulos

Lorraine originally trained as a Registered Nurse before achieving post-graduate qualifications in Health Service Management and Adult Education. Her past roles include Chief Executive Officer of the Aged Care Channel, Director of Aged and Community Care for a large multi-purpose organisation, and was a Nurse Advisor and Administrator for the Department of Health.

Now, Lorraine is a member of two not-for-profit aged care boards, and her team at Lorraine Poulos and Asscoiates (LPA) specialise in supporting providers of Disability, Health, Residential and Community Care in Australia. 

See here for a list of workshops that Lorraine is conducting in the near future

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