40 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

Replay | E45 If He Can Make McDonalds Cool...

Hey Everyone! We are getting interviews set up, and planning some great stuff for the podcast. Next Week we will have an amazing interview with Tiana @empoweredbytiana on Instagram! In the meantime, I love this episode, so here it is again! Enjoy!E45 | If He Can Make McDonalds Cool...Travis Scott made Forbes 30 Under 30 a second time. The new KKK, a Billionaire South Korean, and Trumps Debt. I tell you about a great Podcast for small business owners, and I give you my 3 tips to scale your business. Enjoy!News | Forbes , Podcast | I Make A Living Music | Franchise by Travis Scott Dynamite by BTS Facebook | Age of Jeremy Instagram @ageofjeremy LinkedIn | Jeremy Quintanilla Twitter | @ageofjeremyq TikTok | @ageofjeremy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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