37 minutes | Oct 20th 2020

050 - Katie Wells - Future-Minded Homeschooling

What does it take to raise kids for a rapidly changing future world? Katie Wells, founder of Wellness Mama, joins me in this episode to talk about building her kids’ education from the ground up.

The sad reality is that the public school system hasn’t changed much in the last hundred years—so is it really prepping our children for a successful future?

Forget test taking. Ditch the grading system. Finish all schoolwork in the morning and let them be free to play creatively all afternoon. These are some of Katie’s fresh ideas on raising her six children into capable, confident, and entrepreneurial adults.

In this episode, Katie shares her framework for homeschooling her kids, how to encourage critical thinking and creative skills, cheap ways to keep your kids healthy, and managing your family like a business. Catch this episode to hear the conversation!

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