32 minutes | Apr 9th 2020

042 - Alexandra Stockwell - Cultivating High-Performing Relationships

Alexandra Stockwell, a relationship and intimacy expert, knows what it takes to have a committed relationship that is deeply passionate, satisfying, and fun. She helps couples who just know their relationship could be better so they can up-level their relationship and their quality of life. Alexandra and Elliot discuss some common issues couples have and the surprising discovery she has made about conflict resolution, compromise and taking responsibility (it’s not what you’d think!). Listen in to learn an exercise that’ll get your relationship moving in the right direction – and hear some tips for communicating with your partner in a way they’ll understand.

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3 Key Points

  • You can have a committed relationship that is passionate.
  • Cultivate curiosity by asking open-ended questions.
  • You are 100% responsible for your relationship.