33 minutes | Jan 3rd 2020

040 - John Assaraf - Unleashing Your Brain's Potential

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John Assaraf, New York Times bestselling author, founder of NeuroGym, and leading mindset and performance expert, shares the science behind rewiring your mindset to get rid of self-sabotaging patterns. John shares about his troubled childhood and how his first mentor taught him the difference between “interested” and “committed”. He gives practical “innercises” to change your mindset and make decisions free of fear or self-limitation. Listen in to get tips from his latest book – and learn the first step towards achieving your biggest dreams and goals so you can get there faster.

3 Key Points

  • When you truly commit, everything changes.
  • Get out of your comfort zone in order to reprogram your brain.
  • Interruptive patterns change neural networks.