61 minutes | Jun 24, 2020

22 – Peace Is More Than The Absence Of War – Stories About Talking To Our Kids About Racism

In this episode of ATKAIB Melissa and Hannah record over the phone once again, and keep on social distancing. They discuss the current events regarding race relations and police brutality in America, and share how they talk to their own kids about racism. Then Melissa interviews businesswoman, friend and mother of 4, Jolaine Oliver, who happens to be a woman of color. Jolaine speaks candidly about her feelings and views. She shares how she prepares her children for all life has to offer, and all life throws at them. Is change really possible? How honest can we be with our children about race issues in America? What can we all do to help make things better, right now, for everyone and specifically people of color? When awareness isn’t enough how do we inspire change and educate ourselves and the next generations? Please join us for a wonderful (over the phone) conversation about these important topics, and more, in this episode of After The Kids Are In Bed.
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