59 minutes | Apr 10th 2021

This Startup is Making the World's First Bee-Less Honey... and Saving the Bees - MeliBio's Darko Mandich

California-based startup MeliBio is creating real honey that replicates AND actually improves upon bee-made honey—without ever exploiting or harming bees. In this eye-opening episode, CEO Darko Mandich tells us how MeliBio is creating vegan, bee-less honey that is based on the molecular composition of commercially available honey. MeliBio also plans to take their honey a step further and customize it to be better than the bee-made version.Darko also shares with us why it's so important we work to stop the destruction of our planet's bee population by creating alternatives that consumers can turn to. Honey is one of the most powerful super-ingredients ever to exist in nature, but commercial production is damaging to bees and their ecosystems. If Earth's 20,000 wild and native bee species died, the surface of our lush planet would quickly turn barren and look more like Mars. MeliBio's website: https://www.melibio.com/Support the show (https://www.afteranimals.com/support-us)
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