40 minutes | Aug 3rd 2020

This Sci-Fi Inspired Japanese Startup is Taking Lab-Grown Meat Mainstream. Here’s how - Integriculture and Shojin Meat Project’s Yuki Hanyu

Yuki Hanyu is the CEO of Integriculture, a rising Japanese biotech startup that recently raised $7.4 million to take cell-based protein production to the next level, globally. He’s also the founder of the Shojinmeat Project, a community of home-made cultured meat growers and enthusiasts. In this interview, Yuki shares with us what space travel, Japanese manga (and anime) and lab-grown meat have in common for him.

Integriculture’s website: https://integriculture.jp/?locale=en

Shojinmeat Project’s website: https://shojinmeat.com/wordpress/en/

My Food Job Rocks website: https://myfoodjobrocks.com/

Cultured Meat Symposium website: https://2020.cmsymp.com/

Music interlude created by Lee Rosevere.

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