55 minutes | Jul 17, 2021

Lab-Made Human Hearts to End Animal Testing? This Tiny Technology Has Huge Potential - TARA Biosystems' Misti Ushio

TARA Biosystems has raised $21.3 million to date and is the world’s only company that generates human cardiac tissue—outside of the human body. Instead of testing on animals, researchers will be able to test drugs right on actual human tissue and the industry will be able to save time, money and unnecessary animal suffering throughout the drug development process. In this episode, we feature an eye-opening interview with TARA Biosystems’ CEO Misti Ushio, to learn more about how their breakthrough technology came to be, how it works, the enormous potential it holds, as well as some of the challenges that still need to be overcome for it and other similar technologies to be used widely in the “real world.” In the episode intro, Sharanya and Ulara share some key stats and figures from the animal testing alternatives landscape, and discuss some of the surprisingly major players already involved in the emerging space, including government leaders and regulatory agencies.  TARA Biosystems’ website: https://tarabiosystems.com/ The article we refer to in the episode is “The next phase of drug creation: Why animal models are on the brink of extinction” via Pharma Manufacturing: https://www.pharmamanufacturing.com/articles/2021/the-next-phase-of-drug-creation/ Support the show (https://www.afteranimals.com/support-us)
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