74 minutes | Feb 20th 2021

Can Robot Dolphins + VR Elephants Help End Zoos and Aquariums? - Edge Innovations' Roger Holzberg and Wild Immersion's Adrien Moisson

Let's face it. Zoos and aquariums suck for animals. In this episode, we hear from two companies that are creating encounters with wildlife without ever harming or disturbing animals. Some of their top projects include life-size realistic animatronic dolphins who can communicate with us and 3D cameras that enable us to see the world through the eyes of an elephant on the African savannah. In this episode, Roger Holzberg of Edge Innovations and Adrien Moisson of Wild Immersion tell us how their companies are using cutting-edge technologies to reinvent and reshape the wildlife display and marine park industry worldwide. This is the After Animals podcast's first-ever double feature! 

Edge Innovations' website: https://www.edgefx.com/real-time-animatronics 

Wild Immersion's website: https://en.wildimmersion.io/ 

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