37 minutes | Feb 12th 2018

Episode 21 - The Boss Isn't Coming to Dinner

Lou and his wife, Edie, have split up. The cause? After marrying off their last of three daughters, Edie decided she wanted something more than motherhood - she went back to college! But Lou doesn't approve, not understanding what more a housewife and mother could possibly want out of life. He learns the error of his ways, but not before Ariel is utterly shocked at what comes out of his mouth. Meanwhile, Silvia recounts her life as a young newlywed at 23, not having kids until 28, and the impact of having time to yourself to grow as an individual, and time to yourselves as newlyweds to learn your new dynamic.    We're talking about the sexism of the day, how it's mostly different now, and how our privilege as white women and Canadian women in 2018 affords us certain luxuries compared to women in 1970's USA.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or reach out to us by email at afterallpodcast@gmail.com. Logo design by Julia Monson. A Modern Superior Podcast
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