29 minutes | Feb 5th 2018

Episode 20 - Hi!

Mary's mortified in this week's episode as she has to have her tonsils out. Her roommate - yep, in 1971, a tonsillectomy was an in-patient procedure - is a gruff, sassy broad whose manpanion comes by for a visit in between fights. And who is this dame with the 'tude? None other than the incomparable Pat "Urusla" Carol! Meanwhile, Silvia and Ariel talk about the realities of hospital stays, privatized medicine, US health care, and Adam Ruins Everything: Healthcare.  You can find us at @AfterAllPodcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to the show on iTunes. Logo design by Julia Monson. A Modern Superior Podcast
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