37 minutes | Jan 22nd 2018

Episode 18 - Second Story Story

This week, Mary gets burgled ... TWICE!  What ensues is a load of shtick from two cops doing their best Abbot and Costello impression, a relentless barrage of women being referred to as "girls", and some grossly inappropriate conduct (that Rhoda, naturally, quickly puts in its place.) Along the way, Ariel and Silvia recount their own stories of being burgled, the ensuing feeling of violation, and what it takes to recover from such an incident.  It's episode 18, which means just six episodes left this season! Have a favourite moment from the show thus far? Let us know! We're also starting to take suggestions for supplemental reading and viewing until next September when we'll be back with season 2, so shoot us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or feel free to send us an email at afterallpodcast@gmail.com. Logo design by Julia Monson. A Modern Superior Podcast
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