60 minutes | Dec 17th 2013

Special Encore Presentation: Avi Isreal, a Giant influence on the state of New York fights for reform like no man I know!

I am honored to interview Avi Isreal of the group “Save The Michaels of the World.” A group that says so much about his passion for his lost son and a man who has done more for reform that any man I have met. New York is lucky to have a fighter like Avi and I am blessed to call him my friend. We met through our efforts and have stood side by side at the FDA hearings in D.C. Men in this cause are unfortunately rare as mothers dominate the fight for justice in the battle for RX drug reform. Avi’s actions and the laws he has personally championed will spread across the United States and make our word a safer place as he will save the Michaels of the world and spare others a fate no person would wish on their worst enemy. Big Pharma and it’s Billions and the FDA are shaking in their collective -bought and paid for- boots as Avi Isreal will not back down!
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