59 minutes | Mar 18, 2021

Extending US leadership on 5G: A conversation with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr

In recent years, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has taken numerous steps to ensure that the US is ready for next-generation networks — with more efficient and secure supply chains, software upgrades, and higher speeds — including 5G wireless technology. It has conducted crucial wireless spectrum auctions, significantly expanding commercially available mobile airwaves and spurring billions of dollars of investment in US mobile networks. The FCC has also reduced regulatory barriers to 5G deployment and worked with state and local governments to speed 5G deployment. 5G is poised to power the innovations and economy of the future. How can the US ensure that it continues to lead the world in 5G in the coming years?FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins AEI’s Shane Tews to discuss the results of the FCC’s actions over the past four years and present his vision for extending US leadership in 5G moving forward.Watch the event here.
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