40 minutes | Oct 28, 2020

Episode 32: What Owners Look For in AEC Partners, with Katie Leonard of Wellstar Health System

It’s no secret the healthcare market has been impacted heavily by COVID-19. From virtual patient care and equipment shortages to freezing capital construction projects, healthcare systems have had to pivot tremendously. So what does capital spend look like in the future? How can AEC firms be a good partner for healthcare systems?On this episode of AEC Marketing for Principals, hosts Judy Sparks and Katie Cash are joined by Katie Leonard, Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities Department at Wellstar Health Systems, to discuss the impact of the current low or no touch economy and how it will continue to shape the healthcare market. Leonard also breaks down what it takes to win work with Wellstar.What You Will Learn:How AEC firms can bring value to healthcare systemsWays to connect with healthcare ownersCapital spend and project type future trendsHow to approach design in the low touch economyImportance of the consumer experienceHow to build a relationship with WellstarTop things Wellstar looks for in proposals and the interviewResources:Don’t Lose it in the InterviewThe Art of the Pitch, with Katie Cash and Judy SparksDon’t Lose it in the [Virtual] Interview, with Katie Cash 
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