27 minutes | Jun 16, 2019

EP 9: How To Write An Authority Generating Book That Sells With Tom Ziglar

In line with Ziglar legacy, business success all comes down to a few foundational principles and values. Here’s the path to winning sales and marketing, according to Tom Ziglar, on this episode of "All Eyes on You" with host Michael Levin. In this episode Tom Ziglar shares: Where to start when you’re overwhelmed by all the noisy inputs to get CLARITY The UNIQUE sales approach at the root of Ziglar’s success A twist on the sales relationships that creates TRUST and enthusiasm in your prospects How to navigate and grow a legacy brand in a way both contemporary and AUTHENTIC The one CRITICAL aspect of business success robots can never replace A simple, secret way to write a WINNING book, build your authority, and open new doors to success The BIG BENEFIT of having direct conversation with your audience and prospects, beyond sales Tom Ziglar is an author, speaker and podcaster as well as CEO of Ziglar, Inc - founded by his father, legendary sales expert Zig Ziglar. He co-wrote with Zig Ziglar ‘Born To Win’ and just released the brand new book, ‘Choose To Win’, which carries on the famous Ziglar philosophy: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”
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