33 minutes | Jul 10, 2020

Ep 24: Role of Advertisers and Marketers with Joe Marich

Michael Levin and Joe Marich highlight the importance of hiring marketers and advertisers. Joe Marich, one of the top publicists in the media industry and Marich Media Inc., shared a lot of best practices and current challenges present in the marketing and business world. In this episode, “You need somebody, a professional, to help you get your message out about your product or service because you might not know what you're doing.” – Joe Marich Have a good topic of interest for your desired content Consider a local angle Have a clear message, it cannot be self-serving Make sure to have three major points Invest in hiring good advertisers and marketers Contact Joe Marich -  Email: joemarich@marichmedia.com Website: www.marichmedia.com   Michael Levin is a versatile and talented columnist, author, distance runner, and musical performer who has ghostwritten more than 700 books ranging from finance and entrepreneurship to health care and technology.
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