25 minutes | Jul 10, 2020

EP 21: Michael Levin Interviews Sara Stratton

“Getting those positive reviews and driving people to your Amazon (online) page is really where you as an author will see the most success, to begin with.” – Sara Stratton Aim for POSITIVE REVIEWS Choose and expand your MARKET Producing a book requires both PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL processes Use your product as your BUSINESS CARD In this episode,  Start your business by getting the clients’ positive reviews. From there, you must work on maintenance. Sara Stratton recommends focusing on a market you already know. They can be your friends, your family, your neighbor, your colleagues, or anyone you can talk to. You can get them to Amazon and ask them to leave an honest nonpaid review. Don't be shy. Post on various social media sites, find a group, find a hashtag, and hashtag your product. You can use your book or your product as sort of like a business card. Send the book out to your prospective clients, and show them who you are, and what your business is all about. Producing a book requires both professional and personal processes. Treat the process as a creative practice and make it a bit personal so you would effectively get your message across.   Sara's story is inspirational. It also serves as a useful blueprint for anyone with a message or knowledge who wants to share it but doesn’t know where to start. [Sara Stratton www.redwooddigitalpublishing.com Phone: (949) 829-BOOK (2665) Instagram: redwoodpublishing]   Michael Levin is a versatile and talented columnist, author, distance runner, and musical performer who has ghostwritten more than 700 books ranging from finance and entrepreneurship to health care and technology.
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