26 minutes | Sep 16, 2019

EP 15: Advisor Recruiting Secrets and how to Sell $91,768,483 in Voluntary Benefit Premiums

Growing Your Practice: Adam Maggio’s Secrets To Starting From Zero, Recruiting Advisors, And Absolutely Crushing It In this episode, Adam shoots from the hip about: His philosophy of "data not drama" saved him time and unnecessary stress...and showed him precisely what needed improvement in his business. What Adam focused his time on for the best learning (Hint: it wasn't attending training!) The Power of...firing your clients? How to flip the script when meeting with vendors...and coming away with more business Adam's 4 Keys to constant improvement Why social media is so vital today (and a KILLER LinkedIn tip for booking quick appointments!) Why prospective companies won't be able to refuse "The Mafia Offer" Aside from Adam's massive success, he's committed to giving back, both to fellow advisors as well as the local community itself. He saw his agency go literally underwater during Hurricane Sandy. But his drive brought him right back to the top.   Adam Maggio, CEO of Enrollmynt, began selling supplemental insurance for AFLAC at age 21. Within 3 years, he had placed 8th in production among over 68,000 reps. After becoming a District Manager, he was named Rookie Manager Of The Year. He's personally enrolled over $5 million in personal benefits premiums.
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