29 minutes | Sep 16, 2019

EP 11: Embrace your Life with a Survivor’s Attitude and Thrive

We all carry baggage--personal challenges, problems, and pain. But when disaster reduces our existence to a basic struggle to survive, we gain a new perspective on our issues and what really matters most. In this episode, Dean shares his inspirational philosophy: How to be your best most AUTHENTIC self. Make your own destiny; what you can do when you wake with a positive mindset. The lessons of survivor that translate into resilience and fearlessness—and how to put them to work. It is important to understand that every client, every person has a story; I want to know that story so I can provide the greatest possible help. Establish an equal footing with people that that translates into stronger relationships. The importance of emerging from traumatic tests as survivors and not victims. Be rich within yourself.   Dean Murinik—South African financial planner and business organizational speaker—surviving one of the worst tsunamis in recent history reduced his life to the most basic common denominator. It is “no time or space for egos,” he explains, “we are all on an equal footing.”
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