56 minutes | Jun 16, 2019

EP 10: 5 Steps To More Seminar Sales With Karl Wolf

With a batting average of about 70%, Karl Wolf is an expert at generating new sales and clients with seminars. Here’s his outline for seminar success. Karl Wolf shares expert seminar success tips directly from the front lines, including: Why your seminar ISN’T about selling your product, and what to sell instead How to manage unruly attendees in a way that BUILDS relationships, instead of ending them The ONLY metric you need to measure seminar success Why you SHOULDN’T buy dinner for your audience, and what to focus on instead How the room set-up can make or break your seminar A SIMPLE “two-part” seminar technique that skyrockets conversions Why, and what, you need to GIVE attendees for better follow-up conversions The KEY role email plays in long-term sales conversions from seminars The ONE thing you need to understand to keep high ratios all year round How to give yourself a 75% chance to close at every follow up appointment One simple story you can swipe to sell more annuities How to EASILY compete with the Big Boys in the financial markets   Karl Wolf is the founder of Atlantic Asset Management, and one of the most successful and talented speakers in the industry. He holds more than 50 workshops a year and regularly enjoys 70% conversion rates for new appointment generation - directly from his seminars.  
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