26 minutes | Sep 23rd 2019

Jason Griffith, CEO of SiteCompli

Peter interviews Jason Griffith, CEO of SiteCompli where he learns why the company has been consistently ranked as one of Crain's best places to work. Hint: all employees worked together to come up with six culture pillars, which are presented beautifully on the wall. As a result all employees consistently bring "their A-game to work." Extras! Check us out on www.instagram.com/someoneelsesdad to see SiteCompli's totally cool conference table made entirely of LEGOs! This week Peter and Jamie talk about an office banner saying "Bow Down, Bitches!", answer questions about motivating a lackluster young workforce and about not receiving a "promised" bonus. We also read your workplace nightmares! Leave a question at 347-857-7294 at questions@someoneelsesdad.com, or anonymously at someoneelsesdad.com/podcast . Don't forget to subscribe and comment!
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