34 minutes | Aug 9, 2017

Steven McKie, Head of Growth at Purse.io on Blockchain and Advertising

Steven McKie is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast, evangelist, and expert, having participated in the cryptocurrency space since 2012. Steven got his start in Bitcoin when he was studying Information systems and Technology at Old Dominion University. However he’s taken his experience in the blockchain space beyond working as an IT specialist and engineer to also tackle product development, growth, marketing, and UX design. Currently, Steven runs Growth and Product Content at Purse.io, one of the first cryptocurrency applications that provides a practical application for those new to the cryptocurrency space to experiment with the technology. By using Purse to purchased products on Amazon with Bitcoin, steven has found a way to save buyers 15% on their purchases. Steven is also the host of one of the most popular cryptocurrency podcasts, BlockChannel. The topics discussed in this episode include harnessing the curiosity of your personas, humanizing your product with your marketing, and the future of blockchain in advertising.
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