27 minutes | Feb 13, 2018

Paul Uhlir, CEO of Add3 on AdWords, Allocating Ad Spend, and Personalization

Paul Uhlir is a cofounder and the CEO of Add3, a digital marketing agency based in Seattle focused on driving conversions for clients in a number of different industries. Add3 offers an integrated, performance based-approach across multiple channels, including AdWords and SEM, Social Advertising, SEO, Amazon Marketing, and more. Prior to starting Add3, Paul worked in a number of other organizations including time in a sales role at an early search engine where he learned Digital Marketing. He also spent time working for an online dating company that was eventually sold to Match.com and founded Don’t Blink, an agency focused on the EdTech industry. The topics discussed in this episode include, the changing allocation of ad spend, how AdWords is finite, and why you should not over-personalize your marketing.
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