28 minutes | Sep 27, 2017

Lou Severine, CEO of NYIAX on Transparency in Programatic Advertising

Lou Severine is an executive with over 20 years of experience in digital media and advertising technology. Currently, Lou is serving as CEO of NYIAX, a revolutionary programmatic advertising platform developed in partnership with Nasdaq. NYIAX combines financial trading and advertising technology in one platform to enable publishers and advertisers to buy, sell and re-trade premium advertising inventory as financial inventory. As the first and only trusted, transparent future inventory marketplace, NYIAX allows both publishers and advertisers to increase ROI and reduce costs. Lou has more than 20 years in digital media technology and advertising. He was most recently CRO of Phluid Media, SVP of AOL Networks and Director of BD at Microsoft. The topics discussed in this episode include why advertising needs a solution for fraud, how blockchain technology can mitigate advertising fraud, and why transparency is key between advertisers and publishers.
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