31 minutes | Sep 6, 2017

Leslie Campisi, CMO at Anthemis Group on PR, Holistic Attribution, and the Information Age

Leslie Campisi is the CMO at Anthemis Group, an early stage investment group, think tank, and consultancy for the financial services sector. Since 2010, Anthemis has developed a diverse portfolio of companies across a number of financial specific verticals, such as wealth and asset management, business and consumer banking, risk management, capital markets and trading, and payments. Betterment, Trov, Tide, and eShares are among their portfolio companies. Leslie has a wide range of marketing experience. After graduating from Loyola University with a double major in Literature and Philosophy, her enthusiasm for storytelling and internet theory led her to her first job in New York as a marketing generalist and coordinator in the heat of the .com boom. Leslie then spent eleven years running PR agencies, specifically, accounts focused on technology. She has been with Anthemis since March of 2016. The topics discussed in this episode include collaboration beating competition, the changing future of work, looking at metrics and tracking holistically, and creating values-driven marketing.
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