33 minutes | Sep 20, 2017

Josh Fechter, CEO and Co-Founder of BAMF on Transparency and Building Communities

Josh Fechter is an award-winning growth hacking expert, marketing thought leader, social media influencer, and master of building communities. Central to his most impressive accomplishments is Badass Marketers and Founders, also known as BAMF, a highly curated Facebook community of over 15,000 growth professionals founded by Josh. BAMF includes BAMF Media, a full stack growth marketing and marketing agency. It also includes BASH, a program to empower B2B marketing executives to become social media influencers. Josh’s credentials extend far beyond his expertise on Facebook and LinkedIn, where he has amassed over 25 million profile views. He was also named a top Quora contributor of 2017, launched the #1 Book ever on Product Hunt, and has published his writing in over sixteen publications. Any time you read a brief bio of Josh, you learn something new. It’s impossible to contain his successes into a few short paragraphs. The topics discussed in this episode include how companies of all kinds can benefit from user communities, why communities require complete transparency, and the value of being selective with your marketing.
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