30 minutes | Sep 13, 2017

Hailey Friedman, Product Marketing Manager at RealtyShares on Networking and Learning as a Marketer

Hailey Friedman is the Product Marketing Manager at RealtyShares and the President of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Badass Marketers and Founders, a highly curated Facebook group and community of over 15,000 professional marketers. The group was started by Josh Fechter, who handed it over to Hailey in mid-2017. Hailey started her career outside of the growth, advertising, and marketing industries as a participant for Teach for America at inner city schools in New York. Hailey eventually launched her own mobile app at SXSW and decided to pursue a career in marketing taking on a role as a . She moved to San Francisco in 2015 and joined RealtyShares as 2nd marketing hire and 20th employee. The total head count at RealtyShares is now over 120 and is continuing to grow. She also blogs about marketing on growthmarketingpro.com. The topics discussed in this episode include working on your activation rate, the value of in-person networking with other marketers, and the importance of integrating all your marketing tools.
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