37 minutes | Oct 4, 2017

Gina Gotthilf, VP of Growth and Marketing at Duolingo on Geography and Culture on Marketing

Gina Gotthilf is the VP of Growth and marketing at Duolingo, the most downloaded education app in the world. Duolingo is a language learning application that personalizes learning experiences for individual users. It has been downloaded over 170 million times. Prior to Duolingo, Gina worked in International Development for Tumblr, representing the company across Latin America. She also founded Global Ginga, a marketing agency focused on helping major U.S. brands grow in Latin American Markets. Gina has been featured as the keynote speaker at conferences around the world and has contributed to numerous publications throughout her career. She has even had the privilege of presenting to President Obama. The topics discussed in this episode include the impact of culture and geography on marketing, using gamification for acquisition and retention, and the intersection of intuition with data on marketing decisions.
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