30 minutes | Aug 1, 2017

Dan McGaw, CMO of Effin Amazing on The VICE A/B Testing Framework

Dan McGaw is a seasoned veteran of the growth marketing and analytics space with a passion and talent for helping companies extract and interpret the right data to grow their businesses. He is currently the CMO and Founder of Effin Amazing, an analytics and growth consultancy specialized in using data and analytics tools to increase mid-funnel and bottom-funnel conversion rates. Dan previously served as the Head of Marketing as Kissmetrics, where he oversaw marketing strategy for the brand. He’s also spent time as a mentor at 500 Startups and works as a CMO consultant for a number of high growth companies. The topics discussed in this episode include considering velocity in your A/B testing using the VICE framework, why failure in your a/b tests is not always a bad thing, and using the VICE framework to prioritize other decisions within your marketing organization.
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