24 minutes | Nov 14, 2017

Dale Sperling, CMO of Stash on The Role of Education with Acquisition

Dale Sperling is the CMO of Stash, a consumer financial technology company that allows anyone with a mobile device and at least $5 to start investing immediately. Stash has acquired over half a million new users in 2017 with over 25k joining every week. In June of this year, the company raised a $40 million in Series D funding. Dale started her marketing career at AOL in Impact Marketing and Sales Development. She has also worked at the Walt Disney Internet Group and cofounded CreatorBox in 2014, a build-it-yourself toy experience for parents and children to do together. She has been with Stash running marketing since May 2015. The topics discussed in this episode include why self-reported attribution data is not always accurate, how video is becoming increasingly essential, and the importance of delivering ongoing education to your target users.
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