35 minutes | Oct 11, 2017

Adam Lovallo, Co-Founder of Grow.co on Mobile Application Marketing

Adam Lovallo is a Co-Founder and the Editor in Chief of Grow.co, a publication dedicated to the growth of mobile applications. Adam and Grow.co is also responsible for putting on MAU, the world’s leading mobile acquisition and retention summit, hosted annually in Las Vegas. Previously Adam was the Head of Growth at Living Social, a social deals app, where he managed a 9-figure advertising budget and team of 15 other marketers. He is also the founder of Course Report, a online resource for individuals considering enrollment in coding, design, marketing, or other technology bootcamps. The topics discussed in this episode include the why marketing mobiles apps is so challenging, why in-app video ads work and are not necessarily intrusive, and the future of mobile micro-services within other mobile applications.
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