50 minutes | Jul 16, 2021

Levi Williams-Clucas on Building Trust Signals Within Google My Business

Is your Google My Business listing sending out strong trust signals?That’s the question Levi Williams-Clucas, SEO Specialist at StrategiQ, aims to answer in this episode of Adventures in Local Marketing.Levi views trust signals as a double-header. There are the trust signals your GMB listing gives out to potential customers – would someone buy from your business?And, there are the trust signals it sends out to Google – does your business seem legitimate and worthy of ranking?Listen to learn:Which Google My Business features send out trust signalsWhat negatively impacts trust within GMBHow to optimize your website to strengthen trust signalsThe top 5 tactics that help you build and maintain trust signalsResources: Read Levi’s in-depth explainer on How to Get the Most Out of Google My Business Q&ACheck out the amazing Women in Tech SEO community
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